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A mutual passion and appreciation for finesse in wine is what brought the founding duo Michael Petermeyer and Arun Sarabhai together. In spite of their contrasting backgrounds they teamed up with the aim to share this enthusiasm for wine while promoting friendship and diversity in their traditions and knowledge.

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Dr. Michael Petermeyer

Dr. Michael Petermeyer, a neurosurgeon by profession brings the requisite precision and focus to this team. Equipped with his fond knowledge of both the cultures, he is the inter-cultural link with an exceptional insight of different cultures of the world, owing to the vast experiences he has gained through extensive travelling. He believes wine and food are essential for a good life. Michael Petermeyer imparts his exceptional knowledge about wine to wine lovers with enthusiasm.

Dr Arun Sarabhai

Dr. Arun Sarabhai

Dr. Arun Sarabhai, the entrepreneurial powerhouse behind is a medical doctor (physician) groomed in Germany and educated in India. He is the energetic frontrunner who paved the road for our wines to reach the Indian market. Believing in the health benefits of resveratrol present in wines, he is hopeful of the future of wine culture emerging in India, provided the consumption is handled with responsibility. He has such a great knowledge of wine and their verities. He has talent to create pleasant atmosphere which turns wine tasting into great experience.

“We make wine with a thought of our customers, therefore the team …”

Douglas Adams

“Having never worked with a life coach before, I really did not know what to expect. Wow, was I surprised! I found out I could make it whatever I needed. Working with Philip has been great.”

Mark Jefferson

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The German Wine Institute has bestowed upon the Eberbach Monastery the honor of "High Point of Viniculture".
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Our special thanks and gratitude to the producers of the most loved cars.
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Our special thanks and gratitude to the expert in the field of banks.