Everything You Need To Know About German Wines Industry

Germany is one of the main countries of European regions. It is situated in western and central Europe, most of the times Germany has a temperate seasonal climate. It has one of the northernmost fine wine regions in the world. German wine is primarily produced on the west and east side of the Rhine River. The swiss replica watches Rheine and its many tributaries provide a moderating influence on the climate, reflecting heat and light back onto the Wines. The angle of the slopes allows vines to absorb as much sun as possible. It is roughly calculated that it takes three times as many hours to tend the vines on the steep terraced vineyards along Germany’s rivers than is the case for flat rolling terrain, because of this, Germany produces a small percentage of the world’s wine.

Wine is popular in every part of this country, but there are thirteen main regions in Germany which are well known for wineries in Germany. Six out of thirteen regions situated in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate gives 60 percent production of the quality German wine. The annual production of wine is around 9 million hectoliters per year, which places this country as the eighth largest wine-producing country in the world.

Germany is a reputed wine country. It is one of the most famous countries for world’s most pure white wine and also for red wine. German wines made from different varieties of grapes. The variety of grapes which is used for white wine and red wine is very elegant and aromatic. 

The quality of wine varies with the variety and ripeness of grapes. Wine can be classified according to the level of sugar at harvest. VDP is an organization, where most of Germany's top wine producers are members. It consists of 13 regional associations, one for each region in the German wine classification system. Here are some major categories of German wines are given below.

Tafelwein: Tafelwein or Table wine is an ordinary wine. These are made from normally ripe grapes. It is a low-quality German wine.

Landwein: Landwein is a regional wine. It belongs to German’s Deutscher Wein. It is also a Table Wine.

Qualitatswein bestimmter Anbaugebiet: (Often written as QbA) QbA is a German term that refers to quality wine. These wines meet a certain level of alcohol content and fulfill grape variety requirements before they are approved by authorities.

Qualitatswein mit Pradikat: (also written as QmP) QmP is used to differentiate best quality wine, made from the best quality grapes that meet a certain level of sugar at harvest. Specific meaning is Quality wine with designation.